TTL_PAPERS (July 1, 1994)

Just when we thought that things couldn't be done any simpler than the first TTL_PAPERS, we realized a few things:

All of this led to a second TTL_PAPERS that was built using only 5 standard TTL chips. Well, it was really 6 chips if you count the additional TTL driver chip we added later to brighten the LEDs. By the way, the case is a slightly rounded version of the earlier TTL PAPERS case, but made with Aspen instead of Oak.

Something else wonderful happened with this prototype: we finally got a place where we could keep a PAPERS unit connected long term. Up to this time, we had been borrowing a few of the 486DX2/66 machines in the MSEE 190 undergraduate laboratory, but we could only use those machines when classes didn't need them. The cluster of 486DX33 machines shown with the second TTL_PAPERS box finally gave us a place to experiment without having to compete with undergraduate students for access to the machines.

The Aggregate. The only thing set in stone is our name.