Can Color Help You Keep Your Cool?

This page was set-up to show a video that Gloria Dietz made in 2012 for her science fair project. She would like to know how effective the video is, so there's a 10-question multiple choice quiz along with it. You'll learn how much heat materials of different colors absorb from the sun.

Don't worry about getting graded on the quiz; the system does not even track who gave what answer. There is only one short multiple-choice question per page; you simply click on the text of your answer to go to the next question. Each page of the quiz also has the video (embedded from youtube) at the top of the page. You'll want to watch it before answering the first question, but you can refer to it at any time.

That's all there is to it. The video is less than 5 minutes long and the quiz can be completed in literally 11 mouse clicks. Willing to try it?