Errata: CPE380 Computer Organization and Design

Please note that course materials may refer to CPE380, EE380, or CS380; these were merely different numbers for the same course -- there is no significance to which number is used. New materials for the course prefer the CPE380 number and, as of Fall 2021, the cross-listing as EE380 has been discontinued.

If you're looking at old course materials, also be aware that no longer exists. All the course CGI scripts are now running on

August 21, 2022: Fall 2022 CPE380 Info
Welcome to a new semester! There are a variety of changes, most significant of which is that most notifications will be posted via the Canvas site rather than here. Note that changes are not just due to the pandemic -- for example, there is now an emphasis on showing what various hardware designs look like as Verilog code.

CPE380 Computer Organization and Design.