LArge FOrmat DIgital Scanning, 160mm diameter

Henry Dietz

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0046

Original February 14, 2021, Latest Update February 14, 2021

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title={{Lafodis160: LArge FOrmat DIgital Scanning, 160mm diameter}},
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Lafodis160 Publications

The primary publication on Lafodis160 is An Ultra-Low-Cost Large-Format Wireless IoT Camera, which is a preprint of the Electronic Imaging 2021 paper by Henry Dietz and Paul Eberhart presented January 19, 2021. We will link to the official copy once it is posted. The poster and discussion slides provide a detailed overview.

3D Printed Parts

The printed parts of Lafodis160 are shown above. STLs will be posted shortly.


There's a lot of software involved in running Lafodis160. All parts will be linked from here shortly....

Firmware: Stepper Driver

As discussed in the paper, Lafodis160 uses 28BYJ-48 steppers with ULN2003 driver boards... that have flashing lights. Well, we need them off when capturing an image. Thus, we have written an Arduino stepper driver that handles power management and tracking of absolute stepper position. That driver is FourStep.h, currently in its 20201119 version.

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