Engineers Day events in the Davis Marksbury Building
(from the Computer Engineering folks in 108 Marksbury)

This year, Computer Engineering researchers based in the 108 Marksbury lab are going to do a bit more than just an open house forEngineers Day: we'll also be giving free tutorials after the open house has ended. Space is limited, so we encourage you to sign-up beforehand in the 108 Marksbury lab during the open house.

Open House, 9AM-1PM February 27, 2016

Computer engineering researchers from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department invite you to come visit our open house in and around 108 Marksbury:

Marksbury 108: Computers & Things

Computer technology plays an important and expanding role in almost every aspect of modern life; come see a little glimpse of the state of the art and future of computers. We will have multiple and interactive demonstrations for:

You should also check-out some of the other cool things the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is doing for EDay in Marksbury (in addition to many things in F. Paul Anderson Tower, etc.). For example:

Marksbury 204G: Sound in Virtual Motion

We are immersed in a world of vibrations that become sounds inside our head. We convert the sounds to help us understand the space we are in. The distributed audio lab uses speakers distributed throughout the room and advanced computer analysis to create virtual auditory experiences. Demonstrations include music in motion, auditory illusions, and a 1 person crowd noise experience.

Free Tutorials, 1:45PM-3PM

After the commotion of the open house has ended, we invite you to attend one of three free tutorials we'll be giving in Marksbury. Space is limited, so pre-registering is strongly recommended. You can sign-up during the open house in room 108 Marksbury. Tutorial check-in will start at 1:45PM in the area behind the Marksbury Theater, during which time snacks and drinks will be provided. The tutorials themselves will start promptly at 2PM and will end by 3PM, although we will allow people to stay a little longer if they wish. All three tutorials run simultaneously, so you can attend at most one. The tutorials are:

Tutorial 1: Linux Install Fest

Learn how to install Linux on your computer.

Location: Marksbury Large Conference Room
Instructor: Paul Eberhart
For ages: 13+
Space for: 20 people
Notes: You do not need to bring your computer. However, if you bring your computer, we will help you get started installing Linux on it. You might not complete the install during the tutorial timeslot.

Tutorial 2: Mental Math

Learn to quickly do arithmetic using the computer in your head.

Location: Marksbury Auditorium
Instructor: Dr. Himanshu Thapliyal
For ages: 9+
Space for: 90 people

Tutorial 3: Making Things

Learn how to make things, especially using 3D printing.

Location: 108 Marksbury
Instructor: Dr. Hank Dietz
For ages: 9+
Space for: 20 people
Notes: You will learn the basics of how to use a 3D printer, such as the $400 Wanhao Duplicator I3, and you will see one in operation and will be given a 3D-printed part. However, although the tutorial is somewhat hands-on, there is not enough time for each attendee to create and print their own design.