Assignment 3 Peer Evaluation

Use this WWW form to submit your peer evaluation of your Assignment 3 project team. This form is intended to help us evaluate the contributions of each student and to help determine how teams should be constituted for the next assignment. Your answers will not be shown to other students.

Your TEAM is (put your team name here).

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Note: Your teammates will not be shown the information you submit on this form. The following data is exclusively for use in evaluating the work done by the various team members and making changes to improve the course content and handling of projects. You should also be aware that a student making very little contribution to a project does not in itself imply that they will be given a poor grade; the goal is primarily to ensure that lack of contribution without appropriate justification does not become a repeating pattern for any student.

Self and Peer Evaluation

Please classify the level of contribution of yourself and each of your teammates in each of the following areas. The possible levels of contribution here are defined as:

Blank: There either is no such team member (most teams have 3 members, not 4) or you do not know that person's contribution to that aspect of the project (which is possible if there is a portion of the project in which you were not involved)
None: This team member had no involvement in that aspect of the project, although they may have been present during discussions of it, etc.
Some: This team member actively participated in discussions about this aspect and/or assisted with this aspect in some minor way
Major: This team member played a major role in this aspect, contributing significantly to the design or implementation of this aspect
Lead: This team member took the lead in formulating and/or coordinating the team's handling of this aspect of the project

It is not expected that all team members will contribute to all aspects of the assignment, and there might not really be a "Lead" in some aspects that the team truly undertook as a group, but it is expected that a good team member will make a "Major" contribution to at least one aspect of the assignment.

Task Contributions Of Each Team Member
Your name:
Teammate name:
Teammate name:
Teammate name:
Writing and formatting Implementor's Notes
Instruction encoding and AIK specification
Top-down design of pipeline
Verilog coding
Test plan and implementation
Handling of br and jr
Handling of interlocks/forwarding

Comments and Concerns about the Team

Sometimes teams work well, sometimes there are issues. If there is anything more you'd like us to know about how your team functioned, enter it here:

Comments and Suggestions about the Project

We value any comments or suggestions you might have toward helping make future projects better. Please enter any such comments or suggestions here:

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