IEEE/ACM SC12 Aggregate.Org

This is the home page for our 19th major research exhibit at the IEEE/ACM Supercomputing conference. The exhibit is again under the title Aggregate.Org / University of Kentucky, the informal research consortium led by our KAOS (Compilers, Hardware Architectures, and Operating Systems) group here at the University of Kentucky's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. We are booth #631, along the long aisle across the exhibit hall two booths left of NASA (as seen in the exhibit hall floorplan PDF).

The Aggregate's nodescape Utility

As usual, our research exhibit this year will be showing a lot of different things we have developed or are developing, but this year you will not find a maze in our booth. Instead, you'll see an 8-node cluster of unimpressive old machines (ok, with an NVIDIA GPU in each). Why? To show off nodescape, a tool we've created leveraging our Senscape concepts to provide physically-correct color-tinted status displays for parallel computers -- like the one shown above of NAK. As you also see above, using a video projector, it can tint the actual cases of our little 8-node cluster at SC12....

Work Presented

The wide range of topics emphasized in our exhibit is summarized in white papers, which will be available as "print on demand" hardcopy from our research exhibit, booth 631, at SC12. They are also posted here:

Live Camera

Well, not so live.... We depend on SC12's wireless network to do live things and, well, it hasn't been reliable enough this year to be pushing much of anything back to our servers. That hasn't stopped us from capturing an 8MP per frame 185-degree fisheye view of our booth.

The time-lapse movie will be posted here after we get home.

For the meantime, here we are with our exhibit:

From left to right, we are: Matt Wiggins, Hank Dietz, Randy Fisher, Paul Eberhart, Matt Sparks, Frank Roberts, and Frank Richardson. Tim Mattox also joined us for some things... but somebody had to hold the camera.

The Aggregate. The only thing set in stone is our name.