The Aggregate at IEEE/ACM SC99

Above: A 360 degree image of our SC99 exhibit (click on it for a larger version), made using Nikon 950 cameras and our Athlon cluster projection video wall (the Athlon systems were donated by AMD and the screen by Draper; 3M loaned us the video projectors). At SC99, we demonstrated various new technologies, including the use of digital camera arrays to provide high-resolution spherical images for display using our newly released VWLib video wall library. You can see the red fire engine and purple thing that we used as robot platforms for the cameras in the above image, but here's one that shows the purple thing and the pair of Nikon 950 + FC E8 fisheyes better:

Our video wall library, VWLib, is NOW AVAILABLE along with a new version of the AFAPI. The gzip tar file of the unified AFAPI, including VWLib, is AFAPI_19991222.tgz. The MPEG player and 3D virtual camera VWLib applications are not yet included in the release, but a 2D pan & zoom application is. The AFAPI and VWLib can be used on unix uniprocessor systems by setting NPROC to 1... so you can use the VWLib even if you really are not using any of the parallel processing features of the VWLib and AFAPI. The VWLib reference card is available as both .ps and .pdf files.

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The Aggregate. The only thing set in stone is our name.