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08/23/2003 - University of Kentucky Supercomputer Breaks The $100 Per GFLOPS Barrier - Researchers at the University of Kentucky have constructed and demonstrated an innovative new, scalable, parallel supercomputer that achieves application performance of more than 1 billion floating point operations per second (GFLOPS) for every $100 spent on building the machine. This breakthrough was not reached with Opteron processors, but with plain old Athlon XP 2600+ processors. Read this story at AMDBoard.com. - jonnyGURU

08/12/2003 - NVIDIA on a mission to upset the enthusiast community? - Kyle Bennett of [H]ard|OCP is not too happy with nVidia these days. "NVIDIA has broken a sacred trust between themselves and the community and unless they get their issues together very quickly and address them, I have a feeling that many more of you will not be buying their products." Ouch! You can read the entire editorial here. - jonnyGURU

08/11/2003 - Buffer Overrun in RPC Interface - Microsoft Knowledge Base Article #823980 addresses a buffer overrun in the RPC interface that is an update from a previous bulletin and patch released on July 16th that corrected a security vulnerabilty in a Windows DCOM RPC interface. What a surprise though, the original workarounds didn't clearly identify all the ports by which the vulnerability could be exploited.
Get your patches here. - TechieChick

07/19/2003 - AOL lay off 50 Netscape developers. - The news is here. AOL has decided to lay off a number of Netscape software developers. This could mean bad things for future versions of the Netscape browser. For the diehard Netscape user there's always Mozilla. Of course, what is Netscape but a Mozilla browser with a bunch of plug ins like a pop up killer, spam filter, AIM/ICQ client, etc? That's the reason I use Netscape! It's not just because I hate Microsoft. - jonnyGURU

07/09/2003 - Biostar M7SUA to be called M7VKQ-Pro in the US. - In an effort to confuse the American public, Biostar's newest Socket A board for the budget minded consumer will be called the M7VKQ-Pro in the United States while it is referred to as the M7SUA in other parts of the world. This was done because of the model name recognition the now defunct M7VKQ had in the United States as being a reliable, yet inexpensive, motherboard. The confusion sets in once Joe Q. Enduser realizes that the M7VKQ-Pro has an SiS chipset and uses DDR where the older M7VKQ had a VIA chipset and used SDRAM. - jonnyGURU

07/08/2003 - VIA PT800 Preview at [H]ard|OCP - For those who found VIA's PT800 press release a bit boring, [H]ard|OCP has a very thorough preview of VIA's newest Pentium 4 chipset. - jonnyGURU

07/08/03 - BRUNCH - VIA launches PT800 chipset - VIA just announced their newest chipset for the Pentium 4 platform. The PT800 supports 800MHz FSB, DDR400 memory, AGP 8X and has native Serial ATA. Read more here. - jonnyGURU

07/08/2003 - AOpen AK79G Review - I had seen AOpen's motherboards with tube amplified sound on board at last year's Comdex, but never got the chance to play with one. I guess this review over at Sudhian will have to suffice. Since I'm having you folks look at reviews this morning, why not click on over to [H]ard|OCP where they are looking at a few affordable video cards. - jonnyGURU

07/07/03 - World-wide defacement contest fizzles - A contest among malicious hackers which garnered world-wide warnings and attention appears to have caused very little damage. The Department of Homeland Security warned companies of a contest planned for Sunday that was supposed to deface 6,000 websites in approximately 6 hours. However, on Sunday, as defacers were compromising the security on obscure websites, other attackers were blocking access to a security website, zone-h.org. More on this can be found here. - jonnyGURU

07/04/03 - Thy shalt not use the Spam's name in vain. - Hormel Foods filed two legal challenges seeking to prevent Spam Arrest, a Seattle software company specializes in blocking junk e-mail, from using the Spam name. The complete story can be found here. - jonnyGURU

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