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August 26, 2003

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Kentucky Wonder
Posted on Sunday, August 24 @ 00:18:21 EST News

When I used to spend the summers in the Georgia mountains, my friends down there used to call me the Kentucky Wonder since to them I was a big city boy, well it looks like Kentucky has a new wonder now, this one is the new University of Kentucky Supercomputer which breaks The $100 per GFLOPS barrier.

"Researchers at the University of Kentucky have constructed and demonstrated an innovative new, scalable, parallel supercomputer that achieves application performance of more than 1 billion floating point operations per second (GFLOPS) for every $100 spent on building the machine. The approach used to design and build this machine makes it cost - effective for solving a wide range of problems, from drug design using computational chemistry to design of quieter printers using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Thus, this breakthrough, that was not reached with Opteron processor but plain old Athlon XP2600+ Barton, is not only a milestone, but also will enable many more scientists and engineers to use computational models."

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