The Cost Of KLAT2

KLAT2's cost is somewhat difficult to specify precisely because the most expensive components, the Athlon processors, were donated by their manufacturer, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). Here, we quote the retail price for these processors as found on Multiwave's WWW site on May 3, 2000. Similarly, although most applications use only 64 nodes, KLAT2 also has 2 "hot spare" nodes and an additional switch layer that are used for fault tolerance and system-level I/O; because we consider these components to be an integral part of KLAT2's design, we include their cost. We also included 16 spare NICs and several spare surge protectors. Due to University of Kentucky purchasing guidelines and part stocking issues, purchases from the same vendor were sometimes split in odd ways and there were various inconsistencies about how shipping was charged; although the vendor totals are correct, we have had to approximate the component cost breakdown in these cases.

The following table details the cost of KLAT2. Although specific vendors are listed, note that being listed here should not be taken as an implicit endorsement by the authors or by the University of Kentucky. Aside from donation of the Athlons, there were no exceptional discounts or other arrangements with any of the vendors.

Vendor and Part Descriptions Cost
66 Donated 700MHz Athlon OEM processor modules @ ~$200
66 128MB PC100 CAS2 SDRAMs @ $93
Technology Partners
66 Polaris II ATX Mid Towers 300W @ $58
66 Sony 1.44MB Floppy Drives (for net boot) @ $11
Multiwave Technology
66 FIC SD11 Motherboards @ $104
10 Smartlink 32-port wire-speed 100Mb/s switches @ $527
28 Smartlink 100Mb/s NIC 10-packs @ $80
32 Hawking 15' color-coded Cat.5 cable 5-packs @ $9
32 Hawking 15' transparent color-coded Cat.5e cable 5-packs @ $12
66 AMD K7/PII Dual Fans (CPU heat sinks & fans) @ $5
66 DC Fans 80mm (extra case fans) @ $4
4 48"x18"x72" black wire-frame shelves @ $64
2 WindDance fans (to direct airflow between shelves) @ $15
20 Surgestrip model 201 surge protectors @ $4
Various local stores
16 3" diameter threaded-mount wheels for shelves @ $9
16 Pizzas for student helpers @ $10
4 Cases of soda student helpers @ $7
4 2" diameter threaded-mount wheels for rack @ $7
Available at no cost/indirectly used items
1 10-year-old rack & mounting hardware
1 Surplus 17" monitor used for cluster status
1 Old PCI video card used for cluster status
1 18GB EIDE disk drive
66 Set of inkjet-printed labels for each node
2 Other clusters for KLAT2's HW design and SW development
Total $41,205

In summary, KLAT2's total value is about $41,200, with the primary costs being roughly $13,200 in processors, $8,100 in the network, $6,900 in motherboards, and $6,200 in memory.

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