Parallel Processing
Using PCs and Linux

Hank Dietz
International Conference on Parallel Processing
August 16, 1996

The following slides were developed and copyright by H. Dietz for the full-day tutorial he gave on August 16, 1996 at ICPP. These slides are being made available via the WWW as a service to the community; they do not represent the views of Purdue University, and by accessing these slides you implicitly agree that neither Dietz nor Purdue will be held responsible for any "badness" deriving from these slides... although you can and should give us credit for the good stuff. ;-) In fact, all these slides are to be treated as copyrighted material to be used only as WWW documents for personal reference use. Contact Prof. Hank Dietz, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1285 (email hankd@ecn.purdue.edu) to obtain permission prior to any other type of use.

This talk was accompanied by a floppy, whose contents are also available as a tar file containing a collection of freely-available parallel processing support software (only some of which we authored) and a simple example program for each system/approach. The tar file includes copies of PVM3, LAM MPI, bb_threads, SHMAPERS AFAPI, a System V shared memory example, etc.

On June 1, 1997, at ISCA97 in Denver, CO, Prof. Hank Dietz gave a similar, updated, tutorial, but that full tutorial is not available online.


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