UKAN cluster list

Most machines may be reached by SSHing into the relavant domain name using their external ssh port. On the internal network, all SSH servers are running on port 22.

The UKAN clusters all share a common head, whose hostname is marl. Marl resides at internally, and is also the landing point when sshing into on port 22. All cluster nodes and cluster heads mount their home directory from marl. In addition to marl, each cluster has on interactive node, which is stateful and has a hard disk. These IP addresses for these nodes are listed in the table below. The head nodes have a much larger selection of software installed. In addition to mounting /home from marl, each cluster node mounts /chome from its cluster head. The /chome/[username] directory can be used for cluster specific files.

Hostname Head IP Internet Domain External SSH port # Physical Location # nodes OS Node Mem. Node Processor Accellerator Notes
axk 10012 108A Marksbury 16 Centos 6 1024MB Athlon 64 x2 6400+ 2.4Ghz None
cik 10010 108A Marksbury 20 Centos 6 1024MB Core 2 E6400 2.13Ghz None
dax 10014 108A Marksbury 18 Centos 6 512MB Athlon XP 2000+ 1.6Ghz None Disk cluster (disks not currently configured)
emc 10011 108A Marksbury 22 Centos 6 2048MB Opteron 146 2.0Ghz None
dock 10016 108A Marksbury 24 Centos 6 4096MB Dual Opteron 248 2.2Ghz None Nodes have unconfigured disks