User Community Groups

Since its inception, The Aggregate always has been interested not only in developing new technologies, but also in making them widely accessible and freely available. Thus, in addition to working with various research groups and corporate sponsors, we also work with organizations that further use of the technologies we have developed. Currently, our partner user group organizations are:

University of Kentucky LUG

The student-run University of Kentucky Linux User's Group, UKLUG, is sometimes very actively collaborating with The Aggregate. Dietz is the faculty advisor for the UKLUG, and the UKLUG also owns a Linux PC cluster, Galugtica, which is housed in Dietz's KAOS lab.

Lexington Professional LUG

The Lexington Professional Linux User's Group, LPLUG, was formed in Fall 2001. To quote their site:

We are, first and foremost, a group of professionals. Some of us are professional techies, others are managers, business owners, community leaders, authors, etc. We come together to synergize, have fun, educate, mentor, and learn, but mostly we are here to participate in trying to find solutions to today's business problems through the exploration and use of open source tools.

The Aggregate and the University of Kentucky are now listed as sponsors of the LPLUG.

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