[Photo of Hank Dietz]

Dr. Henry G. (Hank) Dietz
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and James F. Hardymon Chair in Networking

University of Kentucky
College of Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
453 F. Paul Anderson Tower
Lexington, KY 40506-0046

Phone: (859) 257 4701
Fax: (859) 257 3092
Email: hankd@engr.uky.edu
Office: 203 Davis Marksbury Building
Lab: 108/108A Davis Marksbury Building
329 Rose Street, Lexington, KY 40506-0633

It's generally best to schedule Zoom or in-person meetings with me via email. Unscheduled in-person meetings with students also are possible most of the time I'm in my office or lab. I'm regularly available in my office or lab from about 9AM to Noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and most Wednesdays I am in 689 FPAT between classes. Also check out the slow-update 360° view of my office and automatically-updated location/time stamp text on my photo. COVID19 is still around, so if either of us might be contagious, we should both wear masks or not meet in person.

I am a member of the University Senate, which meets at 3PM on the Mondays listed here, and I am a member of the Distance Learning and e-Learning committee, which meets TBA. I also am Chair of the College of Engineering Faculty Advisory Council, which meets as necessary.

Fall 2023 Schedule:
CPE200-001: Computer Engineering Sophomore Seminar, 265 F. Paul Anderson Tower, W 9:00AM-9:50AM
CPE200-002: Computer Engineering Sophomore Seminar, 263 F. Paul Anderson Tower, W 12:00PM-12:50PM
CPE200-003: Computer Engineering Sophomore Seminar, 309 Robotics & Manufacturing Bldg, W 3:00PM-3:50PM
CPE380/CS380: Computer Organization and Design, 323 Robotics & Manufacturing Bldg, TR 2:00-3:15

This semester, I'll be hosting LCPC23 Oct. 11-13 and presenting work at SC23 Nov. 12-17.
Class meetings that overlap this conference might be covered via electronic means.

CPE/Systems Lunch: Schedule
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Student Group URLs: IEEE, UK First-Gen
Conferences: IS&T Electronic Imaging, LCPC, SC, IGSCC, ICPP, ICRC

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Curriculum: PIAEE, EPICS, Computer Engineering Curricula 2016, Computing Curricula 2020
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