Credible repair of Sony ARW2 raw image data

Welcome to the beta test version 20180318 of the free program KARWY-SR, which runs locally in your web browser to perform "Stripe Removal." The stripes we're talking about are the ones like the above, which run horizontally across the sensor in landscape orientation and are probably related to the PDAF pixels on the sensor. This version only can repair this artifact in compressed Sony ARW2 raw files, and the result is also a compressed ARW2 file. Simply drag & drop ARW2 file(s) below, wait typically less than 30 seconds, and save the "Link to processed file" to a file with a name ending in .arw. The image displayed is just the original JPEG thumbnail; it has not been repaired, but is displayed to make it easier for you to know which file is which when converting multiple ARW2 files.

We created the original KARWY (pronounced car-we) to credibly repair compression artifacting in Sony ARW2 raw files. However, the original version is compiled C code which requires Adobe DNG Converter, ExifTool, ImageMagick and XZ as helpers, making installation a pain. Thus, we made KARWY available to run remotely on our servers via a WWW form interface. That means it does its computations much faster than KARWY-SR, but you have to wait as big raw files are sent to and from the server. We hope to add functionality of the original version to KARWY-SR... but for now, the two tools are separate, and you should use KARWY-SR first and then KARWY to repair a file suffering both types of artifacting.

Drop a compressed Sony ARW2 raw file here or

This program was created by Henry Dietz at the University of Kentucky (also known as ProfHankD) as a research prototype; you use it at your own risk. The ARW2 decoding logic is derived from dcraw. The program is written in C, but has been converted into javascript using emscripten, with javascript interface routines from zfedoran's dcraw.js. Both dcraw and the javascript interface routines are covered by the GNU General Public License, and full source code is available by request (and will be posted once KARWY-SR is stable).

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