Theory Reference Material

This course is primarily about the details of computer architecture, and for that we need to get down to the level of gates and signals. Most of the higher-level ideas were covered in EE380... but not all. That's where the textbook comes in. Here are links for some of concepts that weren't covered in EE380, and you will not be building in EE480, but you should know about....

Better Pipeline Management (PDF)
These are the slides Prof. Dietz prepared and presented in class as an introduction and overview of pipelined theory. This is basically the Chapter 3 material from the text, so there are many other slides explaining this online; one with some nice examples is this set of PDFs: part 1 and part 2.
Tomasulo Algorithm Simulator
It's not particularly pretty, but this javascript simulation interactively shows how Tomasulo scheduling works.

EE480 Advanced Computer Architecture.