Home Page of Spring 2018 EE480

This is the official home page for EE480 (AKA, CS480G, CPE480), Advanced Computer Architecture. There is only one section, meeting MWF 3:00-3:50 in room 207 Ralph G Anderson

In many ways, the content of EE480 is very similar to that of EE380, but with one huge difference: what EE380 overviews, you will work with in-depth here, even specifying hardware implementation details to the gate level. You've no doubt heard that EE480 requires you to complete a relatively large-scale processor design project using Verilog -- yes, you will. In fact, you'll have to do several large projects. In general, you'll have to work a lot harder in here than you did in EE380, but it's worth the effort.

All course materials will be posted here... note that I said will be....

Course Staff

Professor Hank Dietz is usually in the Davis Marksbury Building; see his home page for complete contact info. He has an "open-door" policy that whenever his door is open and he's not busy with someone else, he's available. Alternatively, you also can email hankd@engr.uky.edu to make an appointment; please use "EE480" in the email subject line for anything related to this course.

EE480 Advanced Computer Architecture.