Old Assignments: EE480 Advanced Computer Architecture

This page contains links to previous assignments. Current EE480 students are free to examine these and to use that understanding to help with completing their projects, but should NOT be simply copying significant parts of these projects. If you do make use of any material here to produce your own work that strongly resembles things here, do so with appropriate citation.

Fall 2016

The following materials are from Fall 2016:

Spring 2016

The following materials are from Spring 2016:

Fall 2017

The following materials are from Fall 2017:

Other Old Refs...

We are not expecting to stick very close to the textbook, but it is a very good book to have as a reference, and we discussed a few key "theory" ideas from it that were not discussed in EE380. For that, there are the book-oriented sildes: Memory Systems, Instruction-Level Parallelism (really my slides on Better Pipeline Management), Data Parallelism, and Warehouse-Scale Computers. Yes, we placed a heavy emphasis on ILP and less so on Memory Systems... almost nothing on the other two.

EE480 Advanced Computer Architecture.