Assignments: EE380 Computer Organization and Design

Assignments are generally administered via WWW forms, which will be linked from this page.

You always will have a minimum of one week between posting of an assignment and its due date. Note that each assignment and question is tagged with the ABET course outcome(s) it addresses with approximate percentages for each. Keep an eye out for funny server behavior.... Thanks. Generally, deadlines will be extended without penalty if there are server problems that are not the student's fault. For obvious reasons, deadlines cannot be extended past posting of solutions.

When you submit a project, the old course server used to send you an email logging how you answered the questions... the current server does not support sending email. However, the server will still confirm your submission with a response page after your submission has been logged.

The Server

The assignment forms record results by logging your submissions on a server. Server entries have been created using your UK account name (not email address -- and capitalization matters) and a password computed from your student ID number by the formula ((ID/10000)+ID)%10000, padded to 4 digits with leading zeros.

Currently, the only response from the server upon submitting an assignment is an HTML page saying the submission was logged. The server does NOT currently send an email confirmation, etc., but we may enable this in the future. You may submit as many times as you wish, but only the last before the deadline will be graded.


Assignment 0 solution has been posted. It was due before class February 13, 2018.

Assignment 1 solution has been posted. It was due before class February 22, 2018.

Assignment 2 solution has been posted. It was due before class March 6, 2018.

EE380 Computer Organization and Design.