That's a node pair from HAK (Half-powered Athlon cluster in Kentucky, pronounced "Hack"). Nominally, it's a 96-node cluster built using components recycled from KASY0 and KFC4. However, it is really intended as a network design testbed for FFNNs (Fractional Flat Neighborhood Networks) and related extensions of our performance-engineered network design concepts that began with KLAT2 and the FNN, so it is really about having as many nodes as possible salvaged from the parts we have on hand and fitting within our power budget. Want to know more? Try these links:

More will be posted here shortly....

Live View

That's our machine room; HAK is in the upper part of the image. This view is updated roughly every 45s. It is captured under computer control using an RS232C interface to command a Nikon 950 digital camera with 183-degree fisheye lens. Amazingly, that digital still camera has taken well over 3,000,000 images and is still working!

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