Home Page of Fall 2021 EE685

This is the official home page for EE685. There is only one section, meeting TR 3:30-4:45PM in room 265 FPAT, Hopefully, we will continue to meet in person throughout this semester -- with appropriate precautions against spread of the pandemic. For now, the main precaution is that all of us are required to be properly masked for the class meetings.

Although many course materials will be posted here, the course Canvas site will be the primary place for course announcements. You are expected to use canvas and materials linked here. We expect at least to use Zoom as an optional alternative to physical office meetings with Professor Dietz and the TA. The best way to schedule office meetings, physical or virtual, is via email with "EE685" in the Subject line.

The course content of EE685 has actually varied quite a bit over the years. However, in general, it has tried to be a step beyond the material covered in the CPE380-CPE480 sequence, and so it will be this semester. What that means is a little different from past offerings because CPE380 and CPE480 have both seen major upgrades and restructurings just in the past year. The current plan is for EE685 to be somewhat Verilog intensive, but to quickly move to more advanced (mostly parallel) architectures and architectural concepts (e.g., interconnection networks).

Course Staff

During non-pandemic times, Professor Hank Dietz would normally be in either 108 or 203 Davis Marksbury Building and available for unscheduled meetings -- as he generally still is at least between 9AM and 1PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also note the automatically updated location/time stamp text on Hank's photo and the contact and schedule info at his home page. However, it's really best to schedule Zoom or properly-masked in-person meetings via email, and we prefer the pandemic safety of Zoom meetings unless there is a compelling reason to meet in person.

CPE380 Computer Organization and Design.